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Archive for May, 2006

$3 Gas/Allure of Summer Evening Cruises

Those of us who applaud all things cycling are quietly applauding the rise of the price of gas to $3 per gallon. I applaud especially, as I ride past the gas stations with everyone’s faces turned long as the pump drains their credit card. Not only do I applaud $3 gas, I would like to […]

Awesome Ride

Everyone knows that what you eat or drink could effect how your body performs. Today, I found out how a couple of hard hitting nights of drinking took a toll on my body. It all started Friday afternoon when a few friends came over. Once that beer touched my lips, I knew that I was […]


  Today Priscilla and I were arguing back and forth about bicycles and kickstands. My deal was that I don’t think bikes need kickstands because of a few reasons: Weight Looks dorky! Noise Kickstand can shift and move into the spokes, causing damage to the wheel   Here argument: Convenience   AYE! I just don’t […]

Great Video How-To

I found a truly nice how-to about videos… And the dude has a very large video collection to back it up. Be sure to check out the Sedonna series – and notice the SMOOTH video. Very nice.   CLICK HERE to visit his site.

Like father like daughter

Besides being a bike commuter, I enjoy participating in charity fun rides such as The City of Angels Ride. Today, my oldest daughter, Lizbeth, participated in the St. Jude Children’s Resarch Hospital trike-a-thon. Her school organized the fundraiser to teach the kids that every little help counts for those that are less fortunate than them. […]

Share The Road License Plate

Bicycle enthusiasts across North Carolina can now show their support for bicycle and highway safety by purchasing a new specialized license plate. The plate, which features the “Share the Road” traffic sign, was recently approved by the General Assembly. The cost of the plates is $50, with $20 going to the NCDOT Division of Bicycle […]