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Archive for June, 2006

How “NOT” to Wear a Helmet

The ever so popular…Cone Head   The Strapless   Special Ed   The Skull Crusher   And ofcourse…The Mask…NEVER EVER WEAR YOUR HELMET AS A MASK WHILE RIDING!  

A Bicycle Built For You

There are several different types of bikes out there. Getting the right bike for you is very important. You should find a bike that fits your needs. Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t take a road bike off of jumps on a mountain trail. Darryl Swint from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an interesting […]

Bike to Work, Bike for Work

I started a new job last week at a photo equipment rental service (which is why I’ve been so scarce). In this new job, I’ve had a couple opportunities to improve workflow with my bicycle. Here’s one: Occasionally, we need to rent vans from a van rental service 30 blocks north of us. Normally, this […]

Bicycle Burnout

This is cool! I definately want to try it. How does he do that?!

York Cycle Show-!st UK & Belgium Dealers

The Wandertec CELLO had its debut at the York Cycle Show this past weekend. http://www.ctc.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabID=4377 The CELLO appeared at our new dealer’s booth PMS Ltd -> http://www.uk-recumbent-bikes.com/ Though the show was mostly attended by recumbent and road racing enthusiasts, being that it was hosted by the CTC a bit of the touring contingency attended as […]

LiveStrong Video

This one’s for you Moe! Great Job in completing 100 miles….aye I know I couldn’t do it!