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Archive for June, 2006

Where Are You From?

Within the Commute By Bike family, we have people from different parts of the country with different likes and dislikes. This allows us to share a more extensive point of view about riding. We have RL, Moe, and the Bike Princess Priscilla from the Golden State CA; JJ from the Peach State GA; Nick from […]


The Coneheads are back!

Helmets Reduce Sport Injuries

Help keep our children safe. Please ensure that they wear their helmets when riding their bikes. Reducing your risk of sports-related head injuries this summer is easy: always wear protective headgear. Wearing a bicycle helmet has been shown to reduce serious head injuries by 85 percent. Wearing a safety helmet when playing summer sports is […]

LiveStrong Challenge

I’ll be riding the Southern California LiveStrong Challenge tomorrow. I chose the century to ride in support of Bobby Granger, my brother-in-law. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer in March. I will be riding in Bobby’s, my aunt Lupe’s and my uncle Meo’s memory. They were all victims of this incurable disease. I would […]

Bicycling in Bogota and in the Burbs

If you think the problems facing the world’s exploding cities are insurmountable then you need to spend a few hours on a bike alongside the former mayor of Bogota. That’s how I spent Thursday afternoon, and it left me with new hope for the global south, not to mention the bloated ‘burbs of Greater Vancouver. […]

Money for Commuting in Indianapolis

 Millions of dollars are going to fund improvements in the Indianapolis area. Some of the money is going to make bicyclists happy. Thanks to a $500,000 grant awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation a new bicycle initiative will take place. The federal money will be spent to support bike lanes, bike racks, a bike […]