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Archive for July, 2006

Heat Advisory for Susquehanna River Valley

My morning commute wasn’t too fun. It was already warm at 8:30 this morning and the humidity wasn’t helping at all. During my lunch break I decided to ride back home. It was unbearable! I had all intentions on riding back to work until I stepped out of my air-conditioned house. It felt like I […]

Bare Knuckles

Just a reminder to everyone – cycling gloves aren’t just for padding and shock absorption, especially if you ride in a city. A patch of cobblestone on my ride home Friday night swerved me into a plywood construction wall on the edge of the sidewalk, taking the skin off of three knuckles on my left […]

Eri Ramos, Welcome Aboard!

Please help me introduce the newest member of Commute By Bike, Eri Ramos. Mr. Ramos is an Army of One. He is a Sgt. in the United States Army with Randy Policar. Eri has been commuting with Randy for abou. a year and has grown to love the bike and the freedom it brings. Eri’s job […]

A Day in San Diego

Priscilla and I took the kids to Sea World today to have fun with Shamu and all his delicious friends. I saw this one guy in a line in front of me with the nastiest ear hair I’ve ever seen! Priscilla took a picture of me with the bald headed. hairy eared guy behind me… We […]

NLZ Sport Socks

NLZ Sport Socks just sent us two pairs of socks to review. Randy and I will be putting them through some harsh and stinky testing.

Fat Tire Beer

About a week ago I had an opportunity to try out the famous Fat Tire Amber Ale.