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100 MPG Vehicles

by RL Policar

So there I was reading up on the current events on and I noticed an article about Toyota developing hybrids to have 100mpg.

At first I thought it was cool, then again people could just ride their bikes more and they’ll end up saving more money than having to spend up to $25k for a new Prius just to save money on gas expenses. To me it doesn’t make sense…I say keep the car you have now and ride your bike to work a few times a week, then see how much money you’ll save…

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One Response to “100 MPG Vehicles”

  1. oldwhiner says:

    About $500 per month riding four days (19.8 miles per day vs. driving ’95 Nissan Pathfinder). Savings include $320 for gas, $100 brown bagging lunch, and no impulse spending with my debit card on the way home (too heavy).

    The bummer is after 300 – 400 miles per month I still get passed by plenty, including guys going twice as far!

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