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Archive for July, 2006

Bicycle ceiling fan

My wife is an avid fan of HGTV. Yesterday, she calls me to watch a show called the Junk Brothers. These dudes find stuff that people are throwing away and transform them into something ‘useful’. Anyhow, they found this old bicycle and transformed it into a dual ceiling fan! How cool is that!

Can you tell the difference?

The pictures above represent the same bike, but different brands. The top one is the Raleigh Lahar and the bottom one is the Woodstock 505. If the labels and stickers were taken off the bikes, do you think you would have different opinions about them? For example, I prefer to have Starbucks than Diedrich coffee. […]

Thief does roundabout after stealing bicycle

Berlin – Overcome with remorse at having stolen a bicycle, a thief in Germany wrote the victim a letter and fully recompensated him for the loss, police said on Monday. After the theft in the Bavarian village of Bidingen was reported, police in nearby Marktoberdorf made an appeal in a local paper for any witnesses […]

Couple makes biking a business

Like a lot of Bethesda couples, Stephen and Janna Marks commute to work in downtown Washington each day. But they don’t spend their time in a corporate office, or on Capitol Hill — though they do provide great views of the landmark. Since the couple took over a Washington, D.C., bicycle tour company several years […]

Ozone Action Day

  The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control issued an “Ozone Action Day” for the upstate on Wednesday. The department says a strong area of high pressure combined with very weak winds will lead to high levels of ozone development in some parts of the Palmetto state. The Environmental Protection Agency gives the […]

Tour De France Crash

By now the whole world has seen this crash already but if you are one of the few who hasn’t, here it is again.