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Archive for August, 2006

Weather Dampened Your Commute?

The weather plays a major factor when I choose to ride or drive to work. With Tropical Storm Ernesto and the upcoming Hurricane John nearing the coast, the skies haven’t exactly been rider friendly. It’s not so much the rain, but the lightning that comes with it the bothers me. Has the weather dampened your […]

Terry Bicycles Donna’s Butterfly Seat

Check out what the folks at Terry Bicycles sent me. It’s the Donna’s Butterfly Seat Here’s a description of it: Last year we were able to contribute thousands of dollars to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund as a result of the sales of this saddle. Our goal this year is to triple that […]

Bicycle Ambulances

Often it has proven itself that the simplest technology can be the answer to life’s challenges. One such solution is that of introducing bicycle ambulances that can save many lives, especially in the rural areas where distances to health centres are far and few between. It is against this background that Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia, […]

Front Page of The Fullerton Observer

I wrote an article for the local newspaper, The Fullerton Observer regarding saving money and riding bikes. The editor told me she liked it but I didn’t realize that she would place it on the front page! commutebybike.com was thoroughly mentioned in the article. Once I get the PDF of the issue, I’ll post it.

Becoming involved…

So, you ride your bike to work. You feel good because you are saving money in gas, you are not polluting and you are in better shape and mood (I can go on and on..). One of the great things about being a Commute by Bike blogger is that I can convey my ideas and […]

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Know What They Want

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (www.sfbike.org), revived 16 years ago by disgruntled cyclists, has emerged as one of the most potent political forces in the city. The organization, founded in 1970, went into hibernation through the 1980s and was reborn in 1990. Now — with a paid membership of 5,800 and its top executive sitting […]