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Archive for August, 2006

Bikes slow down cars, forcing traffic on side streets, says report

Check out this Crazy Canadian Councillor… Cyclists using the bike lanes on Cosburn Ave. may soon have to find a new route if one local councillor has his way. The bike lanes have been in place since late 2004, now Toronto-Danforth Councillor Case Ootes wants to poll residents in the area around Broadview and Coxwell […]

Driver’s Pledge

For those times that we have to drive: 1. I will drive less, putting less traffic on the roads in my community.Without this component, the other pledges are smoke with no fire. We’ll look at all the transportation options available to us, planning our car trips ahead of time to minimize milk (beer/video/diaper/whatever) runs. Reductions […]

Best Card Trick In The World

So what does this have to do with cycling you ask. Well, besides the Bicycle deck of cards. NOTHING!!!

Hundreds Of Stolen Bikes

THIS picture reveals the true extent of Edinburgh’s soaring bike theft problem as hundreds are stockpiled in a police warehouse. The stolen bikes will lie in the Fettes storage unit for four months before being auctioned off if their owners don’t come forward to claim them. The youngsters, aged 15 and 16, are accused of […]

1/2 Of Stony Creek Trail Discovered

Beer Pong was the choice of entertainment last night. But as 2:30 am came along, we decided to leave because plans were made to hit the Stony Creek Trail early the next morning. We were supposed to meet right at 6:00 am. That meant having to get up at 5:30. I can’t believe I did […]

Beer Skid

Now THAT’S talent!