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Archive for August, 2006

Any Cool Bike Plans?

So does anyone have any interesting bike plans for the weekend? A few friends and I are planning to hit Stony Creek Trail again. Hopefully no one backs out this time.

Burning Man

As I browse thru CraigsList Bike Listings, (I’m still looking for a cheap fixie) there are a lot of people selling bikes for ‘Burning Man’. So, since I live under a rock, I had to find out what the heck ‘Burning Man’ is and its relationship with bikes. The Quick definition of Burning man is […]

Driver Under the Influence of Prescription Meds Kills Bicycling Teacher

This lady right here killed an Elementary School Teacher that was riding her bicycle. “(The driver) did not put on her brakes or anything,” said Brian Cummings, who watched from the auto dealership where he works as the Lexus slammed into Tift, throwing her from her silver and blue bicycle. Tift, who was not wearing […]

Can You Believe That?!

I know!!! I find it hard to believe that dog doesn’t have a leash!

Bikes and Errands

This evening after getting back from dinner with some friends, I had to go pick up potato sacks (sack races) for a family reunion we’re having this weekend. Rather than hopping back into the car, I decided to get on the RedLine 925 and ride down the street to my buddy’s house. I made sure […]

Bicycle Abuse

This bike has obviously taken quite a beating. There should be a hot line we could call in the event you suspect bicycle abuse.