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Trikke 8

by Randy Policar

Jamie on the Trikke

I use the Trikke 8 at work. Getting around the warehouse has never been so much fun. If I had to describe what it is like to ride the Trikke, I would say that it’s like roller blading, skiing, and riding a bike all at the same time. Everyone at the shop has had a turn or two with the Trikke around the warehouse. Above is a picture of Jamie on the Trikke 8 with some of the warehousemen.

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6 Responses to “Trikke 8”

  1. Every time I ride the Trikke, people would always ask what it was and if was battery operated. I get both kids and adults asking if they could try it. I’ve gotten a lot better but still need to work on going up hills.

  2. I have rode my T12 so much that now I need an overhaul! It is VERY addicting! I earned mney for both of them with a shopping club that I belong to and wanted to treat myself! Now, I use them like the family vehicle!

  3. Jeff says:

    Actually people do already do tricks on the smaller versions like the T7. The trikke is an AWSOME machine. Just wait till you get to try the T12 Roadster!!

  4. Eri says:

    You have to ride it to really understand how much fun it is. I steal it from Randy from time to time. I bet its just a matter of time before riders start doing tricks with it.

  5. jamie says:

    This trikke is awsome, I am always stealing it out of Randy’s office for a quick ride, it is really addicting.

  6. RL Policar says:

    I’m surprised you guys are allowed to do that at work…but that’s pretty cool!

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