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Flying Roadie

I was driving home from the grocery store and a roadie past me at the light. This guy was flying! For about five miles I tried to catch up to him but with all the traffic and all the lights I couldn’t keep up. I felt envious and made me want to get on my […]

All this talk about helmets…

Though its in another language, its still corny.

POW/MIA Recognition Day

In every generation, members of our Armed Forces have answered the call of service in our Nation’s hour of need. These patriots have defended our freedom and way of life, triumphed over brutal enemies, and answered the prayers of millions. On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, we honor the Americans who have been prisoners of war […]

Commuting Tips Via

The resources that follow are designed to provide guidance and inspiration to the beginner commuting cyclist. We want to remind the beginner that this information, although it is extremely helpful, is in no way a substitute for direct and personal instruction. We always suggest that the absolute beginner consult with a qualified cycling instructor before […]

Bicycle Berserko

Extreme Unicycle

Red Light Camera

Do you think cyclists should be liable under the red light cameras?

Anti Theft Product

Engineers working for Bell in a research laboratory in Switzerland have come up with a paint product that may be the answer to the longstanding problem of bicycle theft. The revolutionary paint will be sold under the patented name “BAINT Paint”. BAINT is a reversed acronym for Theft Neutralizer Invisible Application for Bicycles (T.N.I.A.B.). I […]

Holy CRAP!

Watch this video of the show COPS and you’ll see a bicyclist get hit by a car.

One less excuse

“I can’t commute by bike because I have to carry heavy stuff” Not to fear, the Xtracycle is here! I’ve been using my Kona Smoke with the Xtracycle to run errands or to haul my kids around the park, beach, etc. Last friday I rode the Kona with the Xtracycle to work. I usually don’t […]