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Archive for September, 2006

Montague Corporation’s Paratrooper

When I got home from work, a very nice surprise was waiting for me. Today we received the Paratrooper Mountain Bike from our good friends at Montague Corporation to test out. As a Paratrooper myself, this is one bike that I’m really exited to be able to review. Even my daughter Kristen was exited about […]

We’re getting ready for Interbike

As we’ve mentioned before, Priscilla and I will be at Interbike representing CBB. We do have meetings set up with a handful of our Partners. But for the most part we’re there to learn about the new fandangled products for the 07. Photo courtesy of With that in mind, leave us a comment on […]

Gas Prices Declining

Drivers lined up to fill up Saturday at local gas stations, where prices were as low as $2.28 a gallon. That was the price about 9 p.m. Saturday at the Super Duper station at 5208 Broadway in Merrillville, according to The Speedway station on the corner of Broadway and 93rd Avenue in Merrillville also […]

This is exactly what we’ve been telling people…

University life can get pretty hectic. Important things like diet and exercise are left for later, along with chores and dirty clothes. However, there is one way for some students to get physical activity back into their university lives without adding to the workload. The solution is cycling. For some students, cycling is the quickest, […]

Katrina’s 1st Bike

My wife Soraya and I bought our daughter Katrina her first bicycle. I think I was more excited about it than my daughter was. I couldn’t wait to get it home so we could go out for a ride. All she talked about was how she liked her bike and that she wanted to ride […]

Knee Pain

Today I had a doctor’s appointment for my knee. It’s been killing me for over a month and a half now. X-Ray shows that I have an Arthritic change on my knee. They say it’s from all the jumping out of planes that I do or I was just getting OLD! Well, I’m convinced that […]