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Diamond Back Transporter First Impression

I rarely work on Saturdays, this saturday was one of those rare occurrences. I asked RL to let me try the DiamondBack Transporter, ‘sure man!’ he said. I prepped the Transporter by adding a rear rack, a mirror, bottle cage, the battery-less blinkies and a product called “Flat Attack” that RL picked up at Interbike. […]

How to Make Your Own Bull Horn Handle Bars

I was able to acquire this old 80’s-90’s handle bar yesterday from the old parts bin of RPM Cyclery for free! So on Saturday I took the bars to Jax Bicycle Center of Fullerton and had one of the mechanics cut it down for me into Bull Horn handle bars. Here’s how it’s done. The […]

Xootr Swift Bottom Bracket Seizure

A while ago I started to notice that the bottom bracket was loose. So I decided to try and loosen it first then tighten it. However, I noticed that the bottom bracket shell had red Loctite coming out of it. I even took the bike to RPM Cyclery to see if they could do anything […]


Happy Veterans Day to all who are serving and those who have serve in the Armed Services to keep our way of life. Freedom is not cheap. Here is a little history on Veterans Day. Veterans Day is observed annually in the United States on November 11. The holiday honors all those, living and dead, […]

Contest Update

Just yesterday I posted a contest for an Ibex Corrida Ultimate 6.6 frame. What’s cool is that we’ve had an overwhelming response from our readers. So much that it seemed like alot of you sent your entries all at the same time. However, not all the entries received were correct. So keep sending them in. […]

Tip of the Day-Silicone Spray

Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a can of silicone spray. This one only cost about $2.99. Then spray it all over your frame to make it all shiny and purdy. The silicone leaves your bike clean and it helps repel dirt and water. It also makes it easier to clean […]

Look Out Weekend Here I Come!

I love bikes. With bikes, my favorite thing to do is mountain biking, especially if the trail is in my own back yard. I live within a stones throw from one of my favorite trails, the Fullerton Loop. Here’s some shots I took from my recent ride. Here’s my Giant Warp with the Ergon Grips […]

Complete The Streets Movement

The California Bicycle Coalition lanched a statewide campaign called “Complete the Streets Campaign” . In launching a statewide Complete Streets Campaign, CBC’s first goal is to build a diverse coalition of supporters to demand legislation that guarantees safer and accessible roads for all. Every road, every trip, every walk to school or the grocery store […]

Contest Time! Ibex Corrida Ultimate 6.6 Frame!

This is a “used” frame that Moe had bought about a year ago directly from Ibex. “Used” meaning we tried to build a bike with it, but then changed our minds. The frame is absolutely perfect. It’s a small frame and is perfect for building a single speed, a fixed gear or a cyclocross bike. […]

Redline 925 Review

Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me in any way. […]