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How to Remove a Freewheel Cassette

by RL Policar

There are alot of bikes out on the roads and trails that use older style Freewheel cassettes. These are a bit different because you don’t use a chain whip to remove them off the wheel.

Basically you take your cassette removal tool, place it in a vice.

Remove the axle nuts off the wheel. Place your wheel onto the removal tool that you placed in the vice.

Then turn HARD counter clock wise. Once you bust the grip, keep spinning the wheel until the freewheel comes off.

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14 Responses to “How to Remove a Freewheel Cassette”

  1. $C$ says:

    mine wont come off its so rusted!

  2. STUD says:

    WoW – I got mine off by putting my fist on it and jerking back and forth!!! I kinda made a mess of things…

  3. itsme says:

    This is not doing any good for newbies. What tool? counterclockwise direction based on what? Some close up pics would help!!

  4. McGuyver says:

    @Matt, I made a bomb out of a tube sock and a paperclip

  5. Matt says:

    I got mine off with a tube sock and a paperclip…

  6. Rob says:

    I got mine off with a computer mouse and a screwdriver.

  7. ash says:

    mine still wont come off is there any other ways??

  8. eIj says:

    i got mine off with mind bullets

  9. jc says:

    i got mine off with my bare hands

  10. giafly says:

    I just did one-handed after a car crash injured my other shoulder. The wheel was conveniently bent, so I placed it on the ground and attached the removal tool and an adjustable spanner, wedging its handle in place with an empty beer can. Then I stood on the low points of the wheel rim and whacked the spanner several times with a five pound lump hammer. Worked great.

  11. mikael says:

    hahahahahaha i got mine of with a air hammer

  12. eric says:

    haha you guys rock! i\’m so stupid because got my free wheel off with a hammer and a scrrew driver hahahahahaah

  13. Nick says:

    and the reason you don’t just close a monkey wrench around the cassette tool and rotate the cassette off with the wrench: you have better leverage grabbing and turning the wheel.

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