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Archive for December, 2006

Commuter Tips and Advice

Thanks to all those that left comments on how to make your commute better. Below is a list of all the of things people recommended for Newbie Commuters. These seasoned veterans have some great advice for the newbie as well as other veteran commuters. Enjoy! 1 Warren T If you’re going to be riding in […]

What’s Yer Pleasure?

The folks of CommuteByBike (CBB) are always striving to provide our readers some fresh new content everyday. In fact there’s a number of us that post on a daily basis and we make sure that the reviews are scheduled and published in a timely manner. So with all that said… What is it you like […]

Montague Corporation’s Paratrooper Review

Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me any way. My […]

Project FiXootr: Chaindrive and Handlebars

So, on Tuesday I got the rear wheel with fixed hub, and in all the excitement, I forgot to document the switch! Well, long story short, I put the tube and tire on the new wheel, removed the derailleur, shifter, rear brake and corresponding lever. So, this is what the chaindrive looks like now: and […]

Kneesavers Preview

Knee pain is the biggest cause for me not to ride my bike to work or recreationally for that matter. As I was reading Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine, I saw an ad for Kneesavers. I visited their site to see what they are all about: Kneesavers are custom pedal extenders which are designed to […]

Hoss Gear: Free Shipping

Hoss is in the spirit this Holiday season, so we’re offering you FREE SHIPPING (UPS Ground) on all orders during the whole month of December. That’s right, anything you order will be shipped UPS Ground, for free. You’ll want to order right away to get your Hoss gear before Christmas. While you’re there, be sure […]

Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag Review

Introduction: Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag — The new design for 2006 has huge capacity and new shoulder strap design with quick-release buckle, plush shoulder pad, and one-handed, on-the-fly strap adjustment. Big reflective strip to help be seen. A great way to carry your stuff around town. Specs and Features: Huge 2000 cubic inch capacity (18L […]

Do your feet hurt when you ride?

I’ve always had this numbing pain on my feet, more so on my left foot when I ride. I’ve played around with the positioning of the SPD cleats and even used platform pedals. But I still feel this pain. Any suggestions?

Xtracycle Goes Off Roading

I took the Xtracycle out on trails in my area. I had such a blast riding the Xtracycle! Here are some pics of my adventures. Having the Xtracycle attachment made climbing much easier. But having no load in the Freeradicals, the rear wheel would skid easily. Other than that, it was just like riding a […]

Got Newbie Tips?

I want to compile a list of tips from our readers that will help newbies commute. So don’t be shy and leave a comment of your commuting tips. Once I get enough, I’ll post it in the Articles Section…with your name next to your tip!