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Archive for December, 2006

Kayak On A Bike

I find it amazing how handy the Xtracycle really is. I found this on a kayaking site.

How to tune a rear derailleur

Tuning derailleurs have always intimidated me. Everytime that I mess with them, I make it worse. So I turned to RL, our resident master wrench, for some advice. Here’s the basic procedure with illustrations. We used the Ibex Trophy with a Shimano Deore LX derailleur. Your bike maybe different but the same principle applies. First, […]

Make Your Own Ski Bike

Dirt Rag Magazine came up with their own way of making a simple Ski Bike. Disclaimer: These are just guidelines for creating a snow toy. The ski bike is not even remotely safe to build, ride, or even stand next to. Many early versions of the ski bike failed miserably, and just because this one’s […]

5 places to ride with extra caution

As I ride my bike to work, there are a few places that I ride with extra caution: 1. Near a School. Moms and Dads are always in a hurry to drop off/pickup their kids and drive away without really looking out for cyclists or cars. 2. Near a Bus. Specifically at Bus stops. Don’t […]

Commuter Tips and Advice

Thanks to all those that left comments on how to make your commute better. Below is a list of all the of things people recommended for Newbie Commuters. These seasoned veterans have some great advice for the newbie as well as other veteran commuters. Enjoy! 1 Warren T If you’re going to be riding in […]

What’s Yer Pleasure?

The folks of CommuteByBike (CBB) are always striving to provide our readers some fresh new content everyday. In fact there’s a number of us that post on a daily basis and we make sure that the reviews are scheduled and published in a timely manner. So with all that said… What is it you like […]