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Archive for January, 2007

My Kind Of Town

Tip of the hat to Paul over at Bike Commute Tips Way to go Chicago. You know, I was kind of leaning towards the Colts before I read this story from Reuters… “People are getting hot about cold biking,” he said. “We don’t have hard stats but we see more people every year on the […]


If you’re looking for some inspiration to grab the bike instead of the car for your commute this morning… check out the Windy City Biker’s last blog entry: Around 6:00 am the morning news reported 1° and 10 mph winds from the southwest at O’Hare. A thermometer outside my back door read about °. … […]

Virginia is for bike lovers

Tax incentives proposed for Virginia bike commuters Virginia HB1826 will, if passed, give a $5,000 tax credit to employers who provide showers and bike parking, as well as a $15 per month tax credit for employees who bike to work at least ten days per month. Read more. Seen at Gwadzilla and Bike Commute Tips. […]

Setting up the Bike Trailer Blog

Another week of living the dream, doing business, making sales, & dreaming some more. Here’s our list of projects started and completed during the week: 1. The new workshop got insulated. Now I can stay warm for the rest of the winter. 2. I started looking for an improved FedEx account so I can have […]

CitraWipes hand wipes

Think back to the last time you wrenched on your bike. Perhaps it was at home for some maintenance. Perhaps it was on the road because of a broken chain or even a simple tire repair. If you’re at home, you washed your hands in the sink, and then you had to clean the sink […]

What should a commuter eat?

I’m that guy that usually skips breakfast for a cup of coffee then heads out the door. I’ve never thought much about how it could effect my commute until yesterday. My wife picked me up so we could do lunch as a family and I opted for the “Belly Buster Stromboli” at the local Italian […]