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Volunteers Wanted in Portland Area

by Warren T

If you commute in or around the Portland area, please check this out and consider volunteering.

“Portland State University professor is looking for help to study the travel patterns of a particularly elusive creature: the urban bicyclist.”

Can’t believe I scooped BikePortland on this one (although I haven’t searched back very far…)

In other news:

And here is some nice press about a bike commuting pastor. I’d love to see more stories like this.

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2 Responses to “Volunteers Wanted in Portland Area”

  1. Warren T says:

    Spoke too soon. Looks like we posted the story at about the same minute (according to my GoogleReader page). Rats, Jonathan, I thought I had you there. Bonus points to him for getting the prof’s picture up.

    Still, I think this would be a cool study to be part of. I wonder if she’d consider the K.C. area?

  2. Fritz says:

    I saw the news this morning but didn’t bother posting it, since I figured Jonathan already had it.

    Bike Commuting Pastor is in my ‘drafts’ folder. Neat story, I agree.

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