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Archive for January, 2007

Dirt Rag Staff Commutes 467 Days, over 10,000 miles

From Dirt Rag Magazine Staff: One year ago, publisher Maurice Tierney took to heart his employees’ dedication to commuting to work by bicycle. In addition to already providing a commuter-friendly environment-full bicycle repair facilities, shower, bike storage and laundry machines- he decided to provide further incentive for their commutes (between 14 and 25 miles each) […]

New Stuff from Chrome

A couple weeks ago I posted my review of the Chrome Shins knickers. Then yesterday I received a press release from them announcing three new products (click the thumbnail pictures to see them bigger): Chrome compliments the existing line of technical riding gear with a front zip Merino Wool riding jacket. Hard core cyclists and […]


Quick disclaimer: The following contains no real useful information. It is presented for entertainment purposes only. I couldn’t resist sharing it. The Sun-Sentinel has a compelling reason to try to avoid confrontation. Still, if someone driving a 2005 Cadillac ignored a red light and hit me while riding my bike, I would probably want to […]

Sharrows to become federal standard?

The U.S. National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices voted last week to recommend to the Federal Highway Administration the inclusion of sharrows in the next edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Sharrows are used to show motorists that cyclists may “take the lane” and it helps show cyclists good lane positioning, […]

Keeping the Warmth Inside

This week at Wandertec: -I completed setting up the Wandertec CELLO bike case’s new streamlined accounting. -Brian and I started putting insulation into our new location’s workshop. -I had a shipment of 10 Burley Cargo Trailers delivered to the wrong address. -I came up with a promising design for a product I’ve been working on: […]

Should I Ride Today? Flip A Coin…

My Slicks and Ice really don’t like each other. I was considering Fritz’s idea about using the zip ties, but haven’t gotten the chance to work on it … yet. I agree with kimbofo — “Most people have a general interest in the weather … when you become a cyclist you develop a more specific […]