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Archive for January, 2007

DIY bamboo bike trailer

Bike commuters need a way to haul stuff. Carry Freedom will send you their free plans for a bike trailer that you can construct out of bamboo or other readily available materials. They only ask that you: Tell them what you are using the bicycle trailer for Send them photos of the bicycle trailer you […]

Toko Profi gloves

Positives: Cool Euro styling, comfortable, fits like a glove, breathable, lightweight, reflective stripe on back. Negatives: Dorky Euro styling, expensive, no snot-wiper, not waterproof. Toko is a Swiss brand for competitive Nordic/cross-country skiing clothing, waxes, tools, and textile care products. I like winter sports almost as much as cycling, and a lot of my ski […]

Poor man’s tire chains

From BikePortland comes an idea for a cheap substitute for tire chains or studded tires for those of you who don’t normally bike on snowy roads. Use zip ties on your tires for extra traction on snowy roads. These will interfere with the brakes, of course, so it’s suitable only if you have a fixed […]

Plan now for National Bike Month

May is “National Bike Month” and Friday, May 18 is National Bike To Work Day in 2007. In Colorado, the Colorado Legislature has designated the month of June as Colorado Bike Month, and Colorado Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, June 27. If you haven’t started already, plan now for Bike to Work Day events […]

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Safety Day This Saturday

I wish I was there instead of in the frozen mess in the Midwest… In order to honor the memory of bicycle safety advocate Bob Garing, the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club and the County Bike Coalition have designated Saturday as “Bicycle Safety Day.” This article in the San Luis Obispo Tribune states: “Garing, who […]

Managing CELLO Inventory/Google AdWords on the Side

This past week, I spent most of my time organizing the multiple parts of the Wandertec CELLO into our new QuickBook’s Manufacturing software. This time consuming task should pay off as it will result in a very clear picture of how many CELLOS are available and what parts need to be ordered. Developing a smooth […]