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You Get What You Pay For

Let me start out by saying that I consider myself to be a fairly thrifty person. So it came as a surprise to me when my 1977 Yama 10-speed started developing issues last Spring, I shelled out for a pretty nice bike (Trek 7.5 disk – swapped out the 7.3 frame because I liked the […]

Manzella Silk Weight Windstopper Gloves

Positives: Lightweight, comfortable, works as advertised (windproof, water resistant). Removable fleece liner lets you adjust the insulation depending on conditions. Excellent manual dexterity and feel lets you operate zippers, helmet buckles, lights and locks. Negatives: Missing cycling-specific features: no reinforced fabric on palm side, slick grip, no snot wiper, no padding. The Manzella Silk Weight […]

Chrome Shins Knickers

(Click on the pictures to see them bigger) When it comes to commuting and urban riding there are lots of options for what to wear and in many cases the choice has to be made between fashion and function. While I’m sure full-body spandex will come back into fashion, it doesn’t seem to be happening […]

Maniac or Moron?

Inspired by Kent, my second post to CBB is the introductory “About Me” post to establish my bona fides (or lack thereof). I think the ultimate conceit of any cycling blogger — especially one who writes about commuting — is that anybody actually pays attention to what passes for advice. I think many of us […]

Random News

Harnessing the power of the internet to search out bike related news today and, okay, I’d not heard of Chlo Sevigny before I saw this picture on Urban Delicious’ post “Bike Lane on the Fashion Runway” but it was nice seeing a celeb out bike commuting. I do agree with the poster’s statement “Riding and […]

No sweat bike commute

Greg LeMond famously quiped that cycling “never gets easier, you just go faster.” Rivendell’s Grant Petersen paraphrased LeMond in his bicycle commuting tips when he wrote, “Riding never gets easier, you just go faster, but the effort remains about the same.” I spent 15 years of my life with a faster bike commute. Each year, […]