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Archive for February, 2007

Bike commuter of the day

Nobody knows the identity of this bike commuter yet, but authorities in four states are interested enough in his mode of transportation that they’d like to find him. The FBI is searching for this bike rider — a white male in his 50s — in Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. Riding a bike to […]

New Feature on Google Maps

Google Maps now shows traffic information. According to the official blog: “For more than 30 major U.S. cities, you can now see up-to-date traffic conditions to help you plan your schedule and route.” “If your route shows red, you’re looking at a stop-and-go commute; yellow, you could be a little late for dinner; green, you’ve […]

Perfect bike commute distance

Get it off my chest Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. This is a section of Ivy Drive in Menlo Park, CA. I was cycling east on this street this morning when I saw a car back out into the street. I stopped behind this car while the driver dug in her purse for something. After half […]

News You Can Use…

If you live in St. Louis or San Francisco. Here is the latest on the bike commuter dilemma in St. Louis. A large portion of Highway 40 is going to be re-routed to county roads that bicycle commuters frequent. The bike lanes are being taken out so that the lanes can be re-painted to include […]

Everybody Likes Customer Reviews

It was another week of pondering my way through the world of internet sales. In my quest to raise the profile of both by websites in Google, I sent out requests to professors with sustainable technology web pages. I recently learned that links from websites ending in .edu can be very valuable in search engines. […]

BOB Trailer: Traveling & Shipping

Wandertec Cello Tracks BOB Trailers have become a popular choice for extended bike touring adventures. They have a large capacity, work well over a variety of terrain and are rugged. If they are damaged they can be welded back together by anyone with a gas torch, usually something that can be found even in remote villages.