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Archive for February, 2007

Deliver anything by Bike Trailer

Bike Trailer DeliveryWorking in the online bike world requires that I make a delivery trip to UPS or the post office almost everyday. Most of the time I use my BOB Trailer or Xtracycle except when I’ve got just too many boxes and I need to resort to the car. It gives me an excellent opportunity to test out the capacity of what I can load on my rigs.


I am fortunate to live 0.7 miles away from a bike/hike path that runs right past the building I work in. That was one of the reasons I decided to commute by bicycle. July 4th 2005 changed that a bit when construction on and around a portion of the path forced me to find an […]

Lifting the Fog

For some time now my family and my friend John have been attempting to make me less Fred. Sure, I encouraged it in some cases — I even posted some bike-related Christmas gift suggestions on my personal blog with a big “Hint, hint!” One of those suggestions, the Hind Balaclava with breathable mesh, found its […]

Balance Between the Short & Long Term

It was a week of dealing with odd tasks and clearing my schedule for the looming shop construction project. I shipped out 4 bike cargo trailers. Figured out how to track the value of each sale that comes through Google Adwords. Worked on my shop plans. Worked on a custom sign project. Managed my rental […]

BOB Trailers: Extra & Oversized Cargo

Bob Trailer Tow TruckThe BOB Trailer offers a sturdy, rugged platform for a variety of uses. Among the more interesting of these uses are the ability for the BOB to carry a variety of items in different configurations.

From a basic standpoint the BOB offers a 25(in) x 16(in) x 18(in)area for storage. This is generally used for putting the BOB DrySAK or other bags, dry bags, storage bins and baskets for containing goods. But a variety of adaptions, both accessory and Do-It-Yourself projects allow you to carry odd shaped items that won’t fit in the confines of the cargo space.

KHS Times

At least a couple of people from the U.S. office of KHS Bicycles in Los Angeles follow commutebybike.com. I’m very pleased to announce that reader Henry H. now runs KHS Bicycles’ new blog, The KHS Times. Henry has an an update on the 2007 KHS Urban Xtreme commuter bike. Moe reviewed the ’06 edition last […]