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Today’s gas saving tip

by Richard Masoner

Gas prices are spiking all around the United States. Blame who you like — Republicans, Democrats, Environmentalists, Big Oil, Communists, Fascists, Terrorists, whoever — the fact remains that you are ultimately responsible for the gas you buy. In that spirit, I present today’s gas saving tip, which is the title of this blog! Commute by bike and save a few bucks.

Part of the reason gas is so expensive now is because the weather is beautiful across most of the nation, so people are getting out and driving to their favorite outdoor destination. Hey, it turns out this great driving weather is perfect biking weather! Make the bike ride your outdoor destination and save a few bucks.

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4 Responses to “Today’s gas saving tip”

  1. Jay says:

    Dat Da Da Da….Thank you Captain Obvious!

  2. Fritz says:

    It’s so stupidly obvious and yet it’s so mysteriously elusive to many many people.

    Encouraging people to use less gasoline is of benefit for those many who must drive. The less we use while riding our bikes, the more there is for everybody else. For this and many other reasons, the motoring public should *encourage* bicycle transportation.

  3. Paul of N.W. GA says:

    The price of gas is going up? I guess it’s time to get an old non-motored push lawn mower.
    Too bad that will raise the price of fresh produce : (

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