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Archive for March, 2007

First time bike commuters

With the weather and gas prices both heating up, I’m seeing mentions in the blogosphere of folks trying bike commuting for the first time. Becky in Milwaukee dusts off her old Raleigh for her eight mile bike commute. Maria in Albuquerque is looking at a five mile bike ride in her multi-modal train plus shuttle […]

What happens to motorists who get probation in bike fatality cases?

Biking Bis: Too often, motorists are sentenced to probation when they’re judged guilty in bicycle fatality cases. What happens to them? In two cases reported this week in Indiana and New York, the drivers in two hit-and-run bicyclist deaths are being dragged back into court for violating terms of their probation. After being too lenient […]

Support the Bicycle Commuter Act

Bicycle Commuter Act (H.R.807, S.2635). It’s before the U.S. congress right now. Here’s how it’ll work if passed into law: The bill provides a tax benefit to employers who offer cash reimbursements to employees to defray costs of riding to work. All it requires is an amendment to the Transportation Fringe Benefit of the tax […]

Q&A: What kind of handlebars should I use?

I have commuted by bike for awhile, but always with a flat handlebar. It works great and I have no issues with it. I, however, am purchasing a new bike and I am trying to decide whether to keep the drop bars it comes with or change them to bull horns. I was just wondering […]

Commuting 101: How to react to aggressive or angry drivers

When a driver becomes angry or aggressive during your commute you may feel the need to react in some way, but keep in mind that this is often what they are hoping for. Just like the bully on the playground, they will only pick on people that react in some way. The best thing to […]

Bike Trailer Videos Part 2

There are two ways to generalize how bike cargo trailers are used:

  1. Ride to work, pick up groceries and pick up anything else you can think off and haul it around town.
  2. Go on an epic voyage.

While all bike touring voyages are not equal they all seem epic as they are being prepared for and undertaken.

Here are some inspiring videos of tours that can truly be called epic.