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Archive for April, 2007

Urban Cyclist: Bike Culture on the Skids

There’s a brand new publication just released called Urban Cyclist. It’s from Brad Quartuccio and Jeff Guerrero formerly of Dirt Rag Magazine and it’s top notch. Not to mention there’s an ad for Commute by Bike in there! Check it out and enjoy!

Commuter Story: Kansas City Startup

Noah from the suburbs of Kansas City – http://kc-bike.blogspot.com. I started working downtown in July 2006 and quickly discovered the Johnson County transit system. I used it to get downtown several days per week. The bus stop is about three miles from home, and many people do the park-and-ride thing. Other days, I’d drive downtown […]

Commuting 101: How to stop the bike

This may seem like a silly topic, but one of the skills taught in the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) is the “Quick Stop.” Most of the time, simply squeezing the brake levers (on most bikes) will slow and stop you adequately. There are times, though, when you need to stop on a dime. Knowing […]

The Mendota Arrives

A week ago I hit a branch on the trail and broke a spoke in my back wheel and bent two others. I was a bit bummed because I’d planned a Saturday ride on the trail with one of my sons. I took my bike to Bike America and was very happy when they told […]

Bike Commuter Act could be in trouble

We’ve talked about the Bike Commuter Act before, but if you aren’t sure what it is check out this site. Basically it will involve cash benefits for riding your bike to work. Recent happenings may have put this bill in jeopardy. Head over to BikePortland.org to read what’s going on and what you can do […]

A bike in a suitcase. The ultimate travel bike?

Larry from RideTHISbike.com gave me a heads up on some info about the new suitcase bike. It looks like it will be available in the next few months and will retail around $400. Here’s a factory picture Larry sent me: and a YouTube video: Keep your eye on RideTHISbike.com for more info.