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Ticking Over

by Josh Lipton

Last week:
1:Redid the Template for my other blog
2:Ran around like a headless chicken filling a steady stream of orders.
3:Got an account approved to start carrying Carry Freedom & Croozer trailers at the
4. Started advertising the on

The orders have really started to pour in in the last few weeks. The is really starting to tick over at a steady rate lately. Now, I just need to get my workshop extension built. Once the full shop is up and running I should be in a good position to start looking around for a full time employee. Sometime this coming fall or winter things should be coming together for that. I’m looking forward to bringing on board someone who can help speed up the growth of the business.

I recently discovered that Chariot Carriers of Canada had both Croozer trailers and Carry Freedom bike trailers available. I’ve been very keen on all of these trailers especially the Carry Freedom City which has been a big hit in the UK for the rapidly growing commuter crowd there. Look for these two new lines of trailers on the in the coming weeks.

BOB Trailer x 2

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