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Archive for April, 2007

How much money are you saving?

You ever wonder how much money you’re saving by riding your bike to work? Well check out the new little calculator we’ve added to the sidebar. Enter your info and find out how much money you’re saving on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Here’s mine… 14 mile round trip, $2.75 for a gallon of […]

Poll: Where do you wash your bike?

Bike wash Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. Warren has wrapped up the parking poll, so let’s start a new one. Where do you clean your bike? I take my bike to the car wash and blast it with a pressure washer. The bike shop has a bike cleaning service I use. I wash it in my […]

Parking Poll Results

The results are in for the CBB Poll: Where Do You Park. To all of you who replied, thank you. Of the 26 commuters who responded, 20 park indoors and 6 park outdoors. We split those into sub-categories as follows: Outdoor no rack – chained to whatever is available Outdoor, secured, covered Outdoor bike rack […]

Ticking Over

Last week: 1:Redid the Template for my other blog 2:Ran around like a headless chicken filling a steady stream of orders. 3:Got an account approved to start carrying Carry Freedom & Croozer trailers at the 4. Started advertising the on The orders have really started to pour in in the last […]

Washington D.C. area Bike To Work Day

A quick pointer for those in the Washington, D.C. area: Washington Area Bike To Work Day will occur on Friday, May 18 in 2007. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is sponsoring morning “pit stops,” convoys of bike commuters, and even free bike rentals for the day. Register with the WABA for prizes. Via DC Metro […]

Raleigh Coasting photos

Raleigh Coasting: Chain Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. I tried out the Raleigh Coasting hybrid bike today. This bike is one of three currently available built around Shimano’s Coasting group, which features an electronic automatic shifter and coaster brakes. The Raleigh is a very pretty bike. I’ll have a more complete review soon. In the meantime, […]