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Single Wheeled Trailers: Adding to the Art

The basic BOB Yak Trailers set the stage for imitators, as discussed in the last post, as well as trailers that owe their lineage to the BOB but have gone on in new directions. These inspired cargo haulers have evolved by adding suspension, different cargo configurations, different size wheels, multi-functionality and other features.

Bob Trailer IbexBOB’s Ibex trailer was introduced circa 2002. It offers suspension to improve the ride off road and on.

Go-Go-Gadget Helmet!

This is the Pulse Bicycle Safety Helmet – a Dyson Student Award finalist in the Australian Design Awards. Student Designer Julie-Ann Davies of Monash University has incorporated a number of cool features in a sturdy helmet, including: Built-in lighting Reflective surface materials Internal ventilation system – and my favorite – An Ear Drop feature which […]

The Socks

This Week: 1. Got in the New socks. 2. Layed out a cut pattern for the developing Wandertec BOB Trailer Liner. 3. Developed a new support brace for front-corner side panel on the CELLO bike case. Our socks arrived from SockGuy this week. I had my girlfriend modeling them for the listing on […]

Commuter Story: A story of a crash

Mike, a regular commenter here at Commute by Bike, got hit by a truck a couple days ago. It’s a scary story, mainly because it sounds like he was doing everything right. Here it is in his words: I was doing my normal commute, which I’ve done since 11/1/06. Most of it is lightly traveled […]

Single Wheeled Trailers: The BOB Trailer Imitators

Imitation, the Greatest Form of Flattery

The BOB Trailer has first defined and then dominated the bike cargo trailer scene since it became available in the early 90’s. As evidence of its success there has been a significant train of imitators to follow. Some of these have brought added innovations while others are simply a lower quality knock off.

Commuting 101: Sun Glare in April and September

The Missouri Bicycle Federation has a press release on their site that reminds us that: “…near the first day of spring and the first day of autumn. At those times of year, the sun rises and sets directly to the east and west. Many of our streets are aligned east/west. With the sun low in […]