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Archive for May, 2007

Cyclist beats car and bus in commuting race… does it matter?

A press release posted on Bicycle Retailer gives a quick synopsis of a commuting race between a bike, car and bus to see which is faster and, come to find out, a trip that’s less than four miles in rush hour traffic in a major city is fastest on a bike. I wonder how much […]

Bike commuters: You’re not alone!

Paul in Fort Oglethorpe, GA left a comment here a few days ago: “Web-sites like this one goes a long way helping people like me feel just a little bit normal.” I hope you and others in your situation are helped and encouraged by Commute By Bike. I’m in a bike commute mecca now, but […]

Let’s see your Bike To Work Day photos

Summer the FAST cyclist Originally uploaded by richardmasoner. I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Leave a comment with a link to your bike to work day photos. More Bike To Work Day photos from Oakland, CA, Fresno, CA, the South Bay, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Washington, D.C. and Seattle.

BOB Trailers 10% 6/1

This Week at Wandertec: 1. Recieved a truck load of BOB Trailers for the BOB Trailer Sale at the 2. Updated my PayPal Shopping Cart. 3. Finished off the listings for the Carry Freedom & Croozer Trailers. 4. Manned a booth at the Bike-to-Work Week kickoff here in Flagstaff. The BikeTrailerShop is jammed full […]

Commuting 101: Bike To Work Day checklist

For those deciding at the last minute to bike to work on Bike To Work Day, here’s a handy dandy checklist of things to have and do. I recommend getting this stuff together the night before you ride. Check weather forecast. The bike: Tires inflated. Saddle adjusted. Brakes adjusted and operating. Gears adjusted. Chain lubricated. […]

BOB Trailer SALE!!!

It’s spring and BOB Trailers are on SALE. Get 10% off through 6/1/07 at the Here are some pictures Cass Gilbert took doing some spring cleanup with his BOB Yak.