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Archive for May, 2007

Bay Area: 100,000 bike commuters expected

Cycling advocates expect 100,000 cycling commuters to visit the dozens of “Energizer Stations” in the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area on Bike To Work Day, Thursday, May 17. The spectrum of regular bicycle commuters spans from executives on near-weightless, space-age contraptions to restaurant workers on rusted rolling clunkers. In between are students, homeless wanderers, […]

CBB Poll: Bike To Work Week

I normally see at least two or three other bikes on the way to work. So, we’ve reached the middle of Bike To Work Week and so far, on day 3, I’ve seen a grand total of 1 other cyclist. That is 1 all week! What about you? How many bike commuters have you seen […]

Grab Some Popcorn

I’ve been in the mood to see a bicycle related movie recently and since no theaters in my area are showing “The Flying Scotsman,” I’ve had to settle for the intense drama of “The Bike” found on the A/V Geeks site. While there, I decided to poke around the site for some other bike related […]

Busting bike commute myths

Competitor magazine as a nice article online about busting five common bicycle commute myths. The roads are unsafe for cycling. I don’t have showers at work. I have to take my kids to school. It’s too cold/dark/wet. It takes too long. Unfortunately, the article promotes some other myths, somehow even transforming the infamous 85%-more-lives-saved-by-helmets myth […]

Are you safer without a helmet?

I’ve seen this research before, but according to this article you are less likely to get hit by a car if you aren’t wearing a helmet. Apparently drivers are much more cautious around commuters that don’t have a helmet on because they perceive them as more vulnerable. This makes sense to a certain degree, and […]

QBP Commuter League

Ed. – The words below are from a press release out of QBP based in Minnesota. I’m posting the release in full because it shows a company that isn’t just selling bikes but using them to change the world. Once you’ve read through the release, check out the QBP brands and consider supporting the companies […]