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Archive for June, 2007

Commuting 101: Essential Tips For New Riders

…or, Father Knows Best. So, I got the call a couple nights ago: “Dad, my car died.” Yep, looks like my eldest son is about to join our ranks. He actually came up with the idea of commuting by bike before I did. As a parent, I immediately launched into a lengthy, one-sided conversation regarding […]

Cycling Fashion

I’ve seen a bunch of recreational cyclist out the last couple of weeks and over 90% of them seem to be clad in spiffy cycling jerseys and shorts. I’ve also seen a few other commuters this week and they’re outfitted the same way. I don’t want to upset those of you who are used to […]

Commuter Story: Better now than never

Ed – This commuter story from Rehan of Indianapolis, IN. Send yours to I’ve been into biking for quite a few years now, but only recently did I decide that yes, I should go to work via bike. I’m actually annoyed that I didn’t do it earlier. I work in downtown Indy and live […]

Colorado Bike To Work Day

Remember, all, that Wednesday, June 27 is Colorado Bike To Work Day. Map out your breakfast station stops to maximize munchies while minimizing mileage. Here’s a neat article about Bike Week festivities in Telluride, Colorado. Telluride is a laid back mountain town with a culture of outdoor recreation. When Daniel Murray moved to Telluride five […]

It starts with us

Commuting by bike takes a level of commitment that many aren’t willing to give. In this article from the Chicago Tribune the author relates trying it out, the obstacles she encountered and then eventually going back to her car. The interesting thing is she ran into only a few of the challenges many of us […]


…as in Unidentified Cycling Objects. I came across this on TechEBlog this morning and thought it was too good to not pass on. Now, I’m all for being as visible as possible on the road … but this is a bit much. I neither want or need that much attention. Has anyone been to Japan […]