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Archive for July, 2007

Update: Lemond Poprad Disc

I’ve put a lot more commuting miles on the Lemond Poprad Disc since my First Impression post awhile back and I’m ready to do an update. First of all, since the bike is built as a cyclocross racer it comes without fenders, reflectors, road tires or braze-ons for a rack. All of these things (other […]

Business Platforms

This week at Wandertec: 1. Finalized the design of the Wandertec Sax 2. Got interviewed by a journalist for the Chicago Tribune for a possible story about Bike Cargo Trailers and their use in Chicago. 3. Worked on designing some packaging using Adobe Illustrator for the Wandertec mLite. 4. Listed some the Ultimate5 Plus Handelbar […]

The Perfect Cargo Machine

The Perfect Bike Trailer 1893 BernardiThe perfect bike cargo trailer would be light and strong. It would have lights and a kickstand incorporated into it. You would barely notice its affect on your bike as you pulled it. It would work on road and off and have smooth suspending properties to keep your load from getting jostled. It would work great for both large and small loads. It would go on and off your bike with quick/secure ease. It would collapse down neatly out of the way and transform into a carrying case for your bike when you were traveling like the CELLO bike case.

Weekend Project: Sell Your Stuff

Awhile back our sister-site, Twenty Nine Inches, started their classifieds marketplace so you can offload your big wheeled stuff. Now there’s two more places to sell your stuff in the Crooked Cog Network: The Commute by Bike Marketplace to sell your old commuter gear. The Blue Collar MTB Marketplace to get ride of your mountain […]

BSO redux

I stirred up some controversy way back when with my post on bike shaped objects. BSO lovers can rejoice in THE BIKE OF DOOM. This is the journal of an admitted bike snob who bought a low-end Canadian Tire Bike Shaped Object for his bike commute. He’s put 900 miles on the bike so far […]

Commute by bike and pro cycling

Just some random and unorganized notes and links about utilitarian cycling and the Tour de France and racing and controversy. Bike Hugger says he expects Interbike 2007 will focus on “comfort bikes, SUBs, cargo bikes, and the like” instead of racing bikes. Great article from Grist on Bicycle Shame To be a successful adult, apparently, […]