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Bike trailer for adult handicapped passenger?

by Richard Masoner

I’ve known my buddy John for a few years now over the Internet. He’s an enthusiastic fellow who rides his bike around Sydney, Nova Scotia. John has a problem and I hope the smart readers of CBB can find a solution.

His partner Lisa was born with spina bifida and cannot use her legs. She would like to join John on his bike rides. They’ve checked into handcycles (arm-powered recumbents, something like high-speed wheelchairs), but they are priced way beyond John’s meager means. John is looking for a bicycle trailer suitable for an adult, handicapped passenger. I also mentioned to him that I’ve heard of tandem trikes where a handicapped passenger can sit in the front. He’s looking for a trailer with these features.

– MINIMUM 115 lb weight capacity
– harness (five point if possible)
– push bar (so it can double as a wheelchair at a destination)
– quick release wheels (ease of flat repair)
– standard wheel size*

– forward sitting position
– canopy
– suspension
– foldability for storage
– incontinence resistant covers

Does anybody know where to find something like this?

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12 Responses to “Bike trailer for adult handicapped passenger?”

  1. Denelle says:

    Shawn – The Wicycle is so expensive and definitely will not meet the price range.

  2. Erin OConnor says:


  3. I would look into adapting a standard wheelchair for your purpose, it would meet most of your requirements and be ready to roll when it time for your to get off the bike. Another choice might be a bike with a frame extension ( ala Xtracycle) which can be set up with a seat, foot rests and handle bars.

  4. Raymond L minnick says:

    I personally design and build what I copyrighted my product as a BIKESHAW. The first model that I designed was strictly as a trailer for my wife, for she never learned how to ride a bike. this model can possibly hold up to 500 lbs. I was not too sure as to how to build it at first, I was just going off of the image that I saw in a dream. The next models are 5 speed assist and brake assist. They are lighter and more efficient. Ray L. Minnick

  5. Kim says:

    My daughter is MRDD, and is at 200 lbs, with stability issues. Every bike trailer we have seen in our price range has a weight limit of 200. Does anyone know where I can get one like that in the picture with a higher weight limit, for around $500-600.

  6. MoleMan says:

    Check out this site, he can custom make a wheelchair trailer or an adult trailer or anything in between.

  7. Shawn says:

    Have him check out Wike Bicycle Trailers. I have one of their regular trailers and will be purchasing one of their special needs trailers shortly. Very well engineered, with great accessories and fold up easily. I am very happy with mine.

    For what I think might be the ultimate cross between wheelchair and bike see the Duet Super Mobility. If I could afford it I’d have one of these.

  8. Fritz says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, all. I’ll forward them to John.

  9. Bob says:

    Check out Blue Sky Cycle Carts. We bought one for our daughter (20 years old) about four years ago. It works great. The company was very helpful. Good luck.

  10. danimal says:

    I don’t know exatly where to find something like that, but ping the guys at BORP, they might have ideas as they do a lot of bike riding with people that can’t use their legs:


  11. mark says:

    What about a rickshaw? It wouldn’t meet the wheelchair part of the needs, but other than that, it should work nicely.

  12. Check out Cycletote ( We have one of their trailers for hauling our 100-pound German Shepherd around and they are definitely nice trailers. One thing they have that I haven’t seen on other trailers is an automatic braking system which, around the steep hills in the Puget Sound, I appreciate because I’m not sure how well my bicycle’s brakes alone would handle me and our dog and the trailer.

    They make adult special needs trailers though and you can even detach them from the bike, put a wheel on the front, and turn it into a stroller than can be pushed around away from the bike.

    The quality is excellent and the customer service was wonderful. I recommend them highly.

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