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Archive for July, 2007

Is your house bikeable?

Check out the site Walk Score to answer the question “How walkable [bikeable] is your house?” Put in your address and the site will show all the grocery stores, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, coffee shops, parks, schools, libraries, book stores, gyms, drug stores, hardware stores and clothing/music stores within a 30 miles radius of your […]

Commuting In Boise

There is a nice article on the Idaho Statesman site today about bicycle commuting in Boise. Dana Oland writes that the commute by bike began due to economic and environmental concerns but is worried that those of us who have done this for a while will roll our eyes when we hear that Dana now […]

Commuting 101: Seat Position

Recently I twisted around a bit to look behind me and twisted my bicycle seat in the process. I’d been happy with the position of the seat before, but having ridden the bike with the alignment off a bit I noticed a little numbness at the end of my ride. When I reached the office […]

Commuting 101: Riding in the rain

Several options are available for the bike commuter who rides in the rain. They include: Getting wet: If the weather is warm and if you shower and change at work, this isn’t an unreasonable option. The major drawback is water can get driven into some bearing surfaces, especially the bottom bracket. Even sealed bearings are […]

Using the Trailer

This week at Wandertec: 1. Finished the Wandertec SAX (BOB liner) design and began testing. 2. Began assembly of the 1st batch of Wandertec mLites. 3. Fitted lights on my Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer. 4. Started using my Carry Freedom Y-Frame and Xtracycle to transport a large load of work equipment across town instead of […]

Why Bike Trailers?

Hmm, why do I love bike cargo trailers so much?

Maybe its because I can do what I want to do with them which is ride my bike.

I don’t like sitting in an oil burning car. I like getting out there under the sky and doing something with my muscles and smiling at others as I roll on by.

Why do you love bike trailers so much?