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Archive for July, 2007

Monsoonal Rains

This week at Wandertec: 1.Pressed forward on the BOB Liner (Wandertec SAX) design. 2.Set up a new CELL Phone & Land Line for clearer phone time. 3.Cut a large batch of sign blanks for Signarama on the ShopBot. The long awaited monsoonal rains came yesterday into Flagstaff. With our on going drought like condition, this […]

Commuting 101: What do you carry with you?

I realize many commuters don’t carry a flat kit or tools, but some of us do. That’s my saddle bag in this photo.At a minimum I always carry: Wrench (if I’m riding fixed or singlespeed) Pump or CO2 inflator Patch kit Tire levers I usually also carry Tube Multitool Do you carry tools on your […]

Green Transportation Specialist To Workers: “Get off your bikes”

Jacobs Babtie is one of Britain’s largest engineering companies. Their clients include Transport for London, which has a target of achieving a fivefold increase in the level of cycling by 2025. Jacobs’ advises local authorities on sustainable transport projects, and they have just banned their staff from commuting on bicycles. I just don’t have the […]

Commuter Story: Bike to Work Day in Loveland, CO

Ed – This story from Greg of Loveland, CO. Submit your commuter story to diggers@commutebybike.com. Bike Week was great, and BTWD was a big, big hit at my company. The company’s been here for 25 years and this is the first time anyone’s ever officially organized employee participation. We have about 155 employees on three […]

Cycling Article in H+G

Many thanks to James over at bicycle design for pointing out a recent article in House and Garden by Sue Halpern and Bill McKibben. I agree with James that it is wonderful to see an article in a general interest magazine drawing attention to how easy it is to hop on a bike and get […]

Gone Fishing

How many Blogs begin something like “It’s been awhile since I last posted”? This Month at Wandertec: 1. Set up an ad in the new publication Practical Pedal. 2. Signed a contract for the Wandertec Shop Expansion. 3. Worked on the design for the long awaited BOB Trailer Liner. 4. Recieved confirmation that the Wandertec […]