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Archive for August, 2007

And they say cyclists don’t obey traffic laws?

How many times have you heard someone complain that cyclists never stop at stop signs? Below is a video that was taken yesterday morning at 8:30am at a point where the bike trail crosses the road. My phone only records 20 seconds of video so you missed the next 4 vehicles (including a FedEx truck) […]

How Do You Know For Sure?

There is a wonderful thread over at Team Estrogen asking the question “You know you’re officially a bike commuter when…” So many of the entries ring true. The one that smacked me in the face was “when you drive your car to work people ask you where your bike is.” Grab a cup of coffee […]

Sneak peak: Cannondale urban bikes

The website has been “under construction” for ages, but Cannondale gives us a little peak under the kimono of their intentions at Eurobike 2007, where they revealed a concept folding bicycle and the Cannondale Hooligan. The folding bike seems to be based on the Jacknife design. A one sided “Righty” fork and rear wheel support […]

Commuting 101: Save Your Night Vision

Earlier this summer my buddy John, my son Peter and I (along with around 1,000 other cyclists) took part in the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride. The coolest part of the 12 mile run was the 2 miles we spent riding through some industrial caves. As you can see, the caves are well lit. Once you […]

Three links you won’t want to miss

Thanks to our readers for pointing these sites out. Click the pictures and enjoy.

Boulder Bike Summit

The city of Boulder, Colorado is inviting area cyclists to the Boulder Bike Summit on Friday, September 7 at the Boulder Outlook Hotel. In the past twenty years, Boulder has made tremendous progress in becoming bicycle-friendly. Now it’s time to craft a vision for the next twenty years. Boulder’s Bike Summit is an initiative of […]