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I guess you could call this a single speed

by Warren T


Now here is a single speed that would get you some attention on your commute. As I post there are only a couple more hours left on the ebay auction for this 1873 Monocycle Replica. There are no bids yet so if you have a spare $13,000 that you want to spend on your next ride, here is the LINK.

Honestly, this is a beautiful machine!

Tip of the helmet to gmr2048 over at bikecentric

Revelate Sale

2 Responses to “I guess you could call this a single speed”

  1. Damian M says:

    The Monocycle…

    The Monocycle…

  2. Fritz says:

    I know a guy here in the Bay Area who built a ginourmous version of one of these for a kinetics competition. It’s insane to see in action.

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