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Archive for August, 2007

Haro Metro Series

While following a link from twentynineinches I found my way on Bike Biz Babe’s blog. Earlier in the day a prototype 29er was found there, when I stumbled across the blog I found some previews of Haro‘s new Metro line. It looks from the photos & pricing to be well spec’d bikes for the new […]

Spy photo: 2008 Masi Speciale Commuter bike

Here’s some nice bike porn for the weekend. It’s a flip-flop fixed/SS with front-facing rear fork ends intended for bike commuters (hence the name “Speciale Commuter.”) CroMo of course. More details coming soon. Enjoy! See also the Masi Speciale SoulVille cruiser bike that was recently unveiled. This is a totally different direction for Masi and […]

Safe Routes to School National Partnership Launches New Web Site to Promote Walking and Bicycling to School

Safe Routes to School Nation Partnership launched a new website Wednesday ( as a resource for schools, parents, local and state governments and bicycle advocacy groups to, hopefully, encourage more kids to walk or bike to school. The site is is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Bikes Belong Coalition. From their […]

Trek Advocacy: 1 World, 2 Wheels

Awhile back I posted this video from the president of Trek, John Burke, calling the bike industry to advocacy. Trek continues to put their money where their mouth is by launching their new program, 1 World, 2 Wheels. From Bicycle Retailer: Trek’s president asked retailers to participate in its program […] Burke said Trek will […]

Gary Fisher commuter bike spy photo!

Trek World is the big show in Madison Wisconsin for dealers to learn about Treks new products and plans for world domination. Arleigh the bike mechanic and Guitar Ted both went and snapped lots of bikey photos. Dr. Logan noticed this prototype of a Gary Fisher Commuter bike in Arleigh’s photostream. Here’s what Guitar Ted […]

CBB Poll: Baggage Options

Around this time every year I start questioning my options for getting my work stuff back and forth. I’ve always used a backpack, but with afternoon temperatures close to 10° F (3° C) and the humidity making it feel 5 to 1° warmer, I’ve got to wonder if another option would be better. So, what […]