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Help shape a new city’s transportation plans

You can impact the transportation plans of a new city. Jason of John’s Creek, GA sent the following email: I am helping my city create a bicycle commuting plan that will be incorporated in to a 25 year transportation package for our city (John’s Creek, GA). Our city is newly formed so we have a […]

I guess you could call this a single speed

Now here is a single speed that would get you some attention on your commute. As I post there are only a couple more hours left on the ebay auction for this 1873 Monocycle Replica. There are no bids yet so if you have a spare $13,000 that you want to spend on your next […]

Bike commuter legislation update

When the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the landmark energy legislation about two weeks ago, they also included the bike commuter tax benefit. The Commuter Benefit for bicyclists amends the IRS code to include “bicycles” in the definition of transportation covered by fringe benefits so that employers can receive a tax benefit to provide […]

Interesting BOB Uses Part 2

A couple of months ago I posted Interesting BOB Uses Part 1. This post had an alternative energy theme

For this go around I’ll explore the realm of home & garden, Home Depot meets your BOB Trailer.

BOB Trailer Lawnmower ConversionThis is about the coolest lawnmower you’ll ever see anywhere.

2008 Raleigh One Way preview

Carey of Raleigh USA has posted some spy photos of the 2008 Raleigh One Way. Big changes from the ’07 model are a leather Brooks saddle and Brooks leather handlebar tape will come stock on this bike. The model bike is also a nice looking forest green. Carey has posted several more photos of several […]

Febreze is your friend

Many long-time bike commuters can relate to this story of “No belt, no bra, no pants”. I’ve made several emergency trips to local stores to buy clothing or personal hygiene items after arriving at work or other destination to discover I’m missing a vital piece of my wardrobe. It’s been a while since I’ve made […]

Commute by bike, win a valuable prize

The Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) climate campaign is challenging individuals during the month of August to commute by bike or otherwise avoid driving one day per week. Those who are most effective at getting others to take the pledge can win valuable prizes, including a one week bike tour in Oregon, a free Breezer bike […]

Wandertec SAX – BOB Cargo Liner

This week at Wandertec:1. Designed & listed a new adapter that makes Ortlieb rear panniers fit much better when used together with a BOB Trailer.2. Listed the Wandertec SAX on the BikeTrailerShop.com.3. Worked on sourcing Wandertec woven labels for branding the SAX.4. Ordered a sizable load of trailers including 10 Carry Freedom Large Y-Frames to […]

Commute by bike in Seattle

The I-5 construction project that begins today in Seattle is projected to create major traffic hassles all the way into Tacoma as 130,000 vehicles per day are re-routed from I-5 onto surface streets. Here are some commute by bike resources for those who try to bike to avoid the traffic mess: Commuting 101 for the […]

Commuting 101: Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat

This week is smashing heat records across the US. It’s important that you stay safe during your ride to and from work. Here’s five tips you shouldn’t go without: Leave Early – Hit the road before things really heat up. Check with work to see if they’ll allow you to knock off early on the […]