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Archive for September, 2007

A first timer’s journal

Ron Seely writes for the Wisconsin State Journal and recently took on a challenge to ditch his SUV and ride his bike to work. It’s a really interesting read as Seely stays honest about how it went, how much he enjoyed it and the few times he grabbed for his keys: Then, in the early […]

Something like a bakfeits

Several people asked about Dutch-style long cargo bikes at Interbike. An American derivative of this is the Zigo Leader shown here. The child sits in front of the adult in a detachable carrier that doubles as a jogging stroller. This is a pre-production model you’re looking at, and Zigo is still working on getting dealers […]

Dutch & other Euro bikes @ Interbike

There was quite a bit of response when Seattle Bike Supply began importing the Dutch Batavus bikes into the United States. Seattle Bike Supply had a huge display at Interbike 2007 with a large portion devoted to the Batavus Dutch Bikes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ask how much interest there’s been in […]

City bikes at Interbike

Commute By Bike readers already have seen several of the city / urban bikes announced by some of the bigger names in the bike industry. I talked to several vendors who confirmed that they view city bikes and cruisers as a hot trend, and many of them have jumped in on the action. “City Bikes […]

Swobo expands their line with the Del Norte

Last spring Swobo made big waves when they released their line of minimalistic bikes built for everyday urban use. Focusing on internal hubs, slick looks and well thought out designs, these bikes are great additions to the commuter world of bikes. Here at Interbike they’ve released several new models including the Del Norte. This steel […]

Betting high with Civia Cycles

Quality Bicycle Supplies (who also owns Salsa, Surly and Dimension/Problem Solvers) showed off their new brand today. Civia Cycles are incredibly high end commuter bikes spec’d and priced higher than anything else I’ve seen on the market.They are launching with four builds available of the Hyland… Rohloff, Alfine, Derailer and Singlespeed.Each Hyland comes with proprietary […]