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Archive for September, 2007

Converting Bike Trailers to Hand Trolleys

It can be convenient to have a bike cargo trailer that converts into a trailer that is easily pushed around by hand. This can be useful for wheeling your gear down to the beach while leaving your bike parked. Or pushing your trailer through the grocery store. It is a useful mode if you have to push your trailer through an apartment building or to the office.

Carry Freedom Large Y-Frame Trailer The Carry Freedom Large Y-Frame Trailer has been set up by the good folks at Carry Freedom as a walking trailer. This has been a somewhat custom modification that they’ve offered. They are working on offering the walking handle as a standard accessory. Some of their customers have used this setup for long distance walking trips.

Higher gasoline price seen trimming down Americans

Here’s a great story from Yahoo News about the rising gas prices potentially helping out the US obesity epidemic. I love seeing the gas prices go up and give three cheers for when it finally hits $5/gallon. I think that will be the magic number where people will start dumping four wheels for two in […]

Commuting 101: Lights at night

Lights have come a long way since I started bike commuting over 20 years ago. In the mid-80s, I used a 6 watt dynamo to power my incandescent headlight and tail lights, supplementing those with the old flashing yellow “Belt Beacon.” Today, a dizzying array of lighting choices are available for the night cyclist. You […]

Home Bike Storage

A while back we ran a poll to see how you stored your bikes at work. I thought about doing another poll about home bike storage but, let’s face it gang, there are just too many options and too many combinations. There are 11 bikes in my garage at the moment, three of them are […]

Take a Survey and Win!

We’re running a little survey here on Commute by Bike and giving you a chance to win some cool gear. For the two minutes of your time it takes to fill it out, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win… One lucky person will walk away with a shirt (in your size) and sticker […]

Commute train

I’m curious, does anybody commute to work with at least one other cyclist? Has anybody ever joined or started a spontaneous group ride during a commute? I’m broke this month so I didn’t buy a train pass. My commute from San Jose, CA to Menlo Park is about 22 miles. This morning, a guy joined […]