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San Jose earthquake

I’ve heard this local earthquake has made the national news, so I wanted to post a quick (off-topic) note that all is well in the land of Fritz. I definitely felt the quake in my home, which measured magnitude 5.6 in San Jose, California. The USGS is calling this a “moderate” quake. Things rattled pretty […]

New York Public Radio WNYC reports on the efforts to make the city more bike friendly.

“As part of Mayor Bloomberg’s environmental initiative, known as PlanYC, the city is set to have 18 hundred miles of bike lanes in place by 2015. But even before the policy shift, a trend has been underway on the streets, attracting more bike riders by the day.” WNYC’s Arun Venugopal interviews: Noah Budnick, the deputy […]

Need a costume? You’re most of the way there already…

Perhaps you are struggling with what you’re going to do for the company costume contest. If only you could incorporate your regular commuting gear… Lifehacker has the answer, your normal bike wear makes up the majority of the costume. A little latex, gravel and other goo and you’re set to freak out your co-workers. Check […]

Commute 101: Leave your car at the office

Maybe you’re more than willing to ride your bike into the office but you have a meeting across town later in the day. Or maybe you have several meetings? And they are: to far to bike and… you don’t have time to clean up once you get there Does this scenario sound familiar? Try taking […]

Be a Cycle Hero

I’m not quite sure exactly what it is that intrigues me so much about the CycleHero advert that CTC ran in the cinemas of London. I guess it is the bikes. Yeah, that’s it, the bikes. Seriously, nice campaign over at CycleHero. The short was directed by award winning short filmmaker Paul Fuller and has […]

Spice Up Your Commute

I would love to tell you that I have time in my schedule for various workouts – but I have to be honest; my bike commute is my workout. Perhaps it is the same for you. There is a wonderful post over at Zen Habits encouraging runners to mix up their workouts a bit. This […]

Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto California

My commute by bike is usually on city streets, but I decided to detour through some lovely area trails this morning. The view was breathtaking. I passed within five feet of a gorgeous falcon which sat perched on a signpost. He just swiveled his head looking at me as I biked by. I can’t describe […]

Strida folding bikes

I have to admit that when I first saw the Strida folding bikes I wasn’t all that impressed. It looks somewhat like Sinclair’s “A Bike” and I assumed the Strida bikes would have the same performance characteristics as the Sinclair. I tried the Strida 3.2 and 5.0 briefly on the show floor at Interbike and […]

Lock that rear wheel!

Chicago’s Rapid Transit Cycles reports that they replace more rear wheels to theft than they replace front wheels. Apparently, some cyclists believe the rear wheel is more difficult to remove than the front wheel, so they wrap a lock through the frame and front wheel but leave the rear wheel unlocked. Reality, of course, is […]

Commuting in Rochester

First, a quick note of congratulations to Fritz. Cyclelicious has made the list of the top 100 lifestyle blogs (blogs tagged as lifestyle on Technorati). You can check out the list HERE as I harness my best Casey Kasem voice and say: “Coming in at number 48…” Now, for your weekend reading enjoyment, another nice […]