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Archive for October, 2007

My rain gear

Some people asked about rain gear and I was inspired by Warren’s post on cool weather riding. Here’s a picture of my typical cool-weather rain gear. When I buy cycling rain gear, I look for these features: waterproof, taped seams, pit zips on jackets, tail on the jacket, and adjustable ankle and wrist cuffs. On […]

Commuting 101: Bike Clothes For All Weather

Fritz recently asked your opinion on things you’d like to see discussed and there were several requests for a post on winter clothing. I’d like to refer you to a CBB post from last year that was a big help to me. Bear in mind, everyone is different so what works for Nick got me […]

Cholesterol Condition Coaxes Canadian Commuter Cruz

From the Vancouver Sun comes another nice feature on someone else who has discovered the joy that comes from a commute by bike. Oscar Cruz was told by his doctor that he was overweight and had cholesterol problems that would require a prescription that would eventually cause liver damage. Cruz, determined to get off the […]


This past few weeks at Wandertec: 1. Watched my shop being built 2. Attended Interbike 3. Picked up some Wandertec woven labels 4. Rode in the Tour de Fat parade. 5. Unsuccessfully attempted to fight a bicycle traffic ticket The expansion of the Wandertec shop is starting pick up some steam. The framing and roof […]

Xtracycle at Interbike

It appears that 2007 has been a good year for continued development in the realm of bike cargo trailers as evidenced by a variety of new products sprinkled around the wide expanse of Interbike.

Xtracycle had a booth at Interbike after being absent in recent years. They had plenty of reason to be there as they were debuting a range of exciting new accessories for their Xtracycle FreeRadical.

Xtracycle KickstandAt the top of the list was their long anticipated kickstand. It took a while but it was worth the wait. The new kickstand appears to give very solid support to the Xtracycle. This will be great for loading and unloading as well as using the Xtracycle as a seat, table, handing out pamphlets, blending or anything else that a mobile platform is useful for. The kickstand folds back and is held up and out of the way with a built-in ratching system.

Bike Snob’s bike commute, and other links

He hates on the bikes we love, but we love him anyway: Bike Snob NYC posted a photo log of his bike commute through Brooklyn. More humor comes from the Fat Cyclist on this “How To” article on talking to non-cyclists about cycling. James the Bike Design Guy writes about Scandinavian commuter bikes. Sheldon Brown […]