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My Birthday was Last Week

The 13th was my birthday. I’m not a huge fan of birthdays, why celebrate getting a year older? Why is this day different than the last? The best thing to do on your birthday? Ride your bike! I have been riding into work a couple times a week since I started my new job a […]

How to ride on ice

With temperatures dipping below freezing in the northern portions of North America, Europe and Asia, bike commuters who want to continue riding are learning to negotiate the icy patches and snow on their routes. Here’s how it’s done. Watch for black ice. These are the almost invisible patches of thin ice on shaded sections of […]

CELLO (BOB Case) Review

CELLO BOB Bike Trailer CaseThis review of the CELLO Bike Case for BOB Trailers was first posted by Colin Avolve on his blog, bikearchy. From the review:


This week at Wandertec: 1. Started sewing the new Wandertec Woven Labels on the Wandertec CELLO bike trailer case, Wandertec SAX BOB Trailer cargo liner and Wandertec Cargo Net. 2. Ordered some Down Low Glow lights from Rock the Bike to sell with the Xtracycle and to figure out how to mount to our other […]

Commuting 101: How to find the perfect route using Google Maps

My wife and I are starting the inane search for a new house. As a bike commuter, one of the first things I do when we find a interesting house is look and see what my daily route could look like. One of the recent ones was a perfect example of how you can use […]

Gift Guide: Lights and Reflectors

Everybody loves a good stocking stuffer and what better gift than the gift of safety? With the time change and darker months upon us, it’s important to have a lights and reflectors for night riding. Here’s a few options available: Standard blinky light – This is your standard option that I used for years. You […]

Top Gear – Race Through London

Top Gear answers the question: which is the best way to cross London, one of the most congested cities in the world? They pitted a Mercedes GL SUV against a bike (Specialized carbon fiber road bike), a speed boat and public transportation during the peak of Monday morning rush hour. Guess who won… Part 1 […]

Recent bike commuter posts

I’m a little busy now so I’ll just link to a collection of posts from bike commuters around the blog-o-sphere. Bike Chicago gives their tips on winter cycling. Adam reduced his auto insurance rate by $186 per year after he started commuting by bike. Slow Motion gives his tips for motorists in his open letter […]

Wal-Mart concept store features ‘real’ bike shop

Bike Biz: The new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Highland Village, Texas, opened yesterday and has been built to minimize its impact on the environment. […] As many of the neighbourhoods in the Highland Village area are connected by a system of biking and walking trails, Wal-Mart has installed a store-in-store full-service bike shop. keep reading…

Out of the Box: SE Lager

This post will be the first in a series of posts that will serve to give my review of this commuter offering from SE Bikes. In this post I will provide you with the overall specs of the bike and my thoughts on the bike straight out of the box. SE Bikes is known primarily […]