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Archive for November, 2007

Wal-Mart concept store features ‘real’ bike shop

Bike Biz: The new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Highland Village, Texas, opened yesterday and has been built to minimize its impact on the environment. […] As many of the neighbourhoods in the Highland Village area are connected by a system of biking and walking trails, Wal-Mart has installed a store-in-store full-service bike shop. keep reading…

Out of the Box: SE Lager

This post will be the first in a series of posts that will serve to give my review of this commuter offering from SE Bikes. In this post I will provide you with the overall specs of the bike and my thoughts on the bike straight out of the box. SE Bikes is known primarily […]

Tracking Hazards

The Right Ride has several sites available to help cyclists track safe routes and dangerous spots around various cities in the U.S.. It’s a nice Google Maps mash-up allowing visitors to click on individual pins on the map for more information about the routes and hazards which registered users have added. Registration is free if […]

Shot in Seattle

Peter McKay is a wonderfully positive bike commuter in the Seattle area. He was on his regular bike commute from Bellevue, Washington last Thursday night when a random thug shoots him in the chest with BBs that were apparently shot from a .22 handgun. Peter then blogs about this experience from his hospital bed! Personal […]


This Week at Wandertec:1. Watched the shop not being built(progress is to resume soon)2. Sold my Honda Element (CELLOmobile)3. Came up with a name for my new bicycle design, the Wandertec SanToor.4. Did away with the Wandertec Purchase page and pointed all sales to Listed Demo CELLOS for sale at the Was introduced […]

Bike Trailers at Interbike

Other than Xtracycle, there were several other developments on note in the arena of bike cargo trailer.

Kona UTE Utility BikeKona was displaying their utility bike the Ute. The UTE like the Surly Big Dummy is a complete long haul cargo bike. Unlike the Big Dummy it does not utilize the Xtracycle rack system and instead has a built in rack system