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Archive for January, 2008

Bike paths and Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: I am neither a biker nor a walker on a path. A cyclist ringing his bell signaling me to move would do no good, so I guess I’d be one of those ending up with “great bodily harm,” as you put it. You see, I’m hard-of-hearing and could not hear that dinging bell […]

BikeTrailerBlog Photo Issues

The photos in my posts have not been showing up on the Blog. This may be a problem with Blogger. We attempted to redirect our host for the Blog and lost the photos in the process. We will be moving the Blog and reloading the photos in the next month. Thanks for your patience.

Hiring for

Edit: This position has been filled, thanks for your interest. The Bike Trailer Shop of Flagstaff, AZ has a full-time position available for a Webstore Sales Manager. Responsibilities include shipping, customer service, accounting & internet product listing. Candidates should possess a strong knowledge & passion for cycling. Business and computer experience preferred. If you’re interested, […]

Preparations for Bike To Work Week

Earlier this week, a number of local bicycling, environment and pedestrian advocates joined up to start planning Bike To Work Week 2008. Several local bloggers were among them, myself included. The month of May is Bike Month, and The League of American Bicyclists recommends for 2008 that the week of May 12-16 be set aside […]

Commuting By Bike on Austin’s Tollways

The Austin American-Statesman had an interesting article by Ben Wear yesterday that is making the bike blog rounds. I thought it worth mentioning here. “Man braves cars, bureaucrats to bike on tollways” features Chuck Thomas’ quest to make his daily bicycle commute on the Texas 45 North tollway legit by getting a TxTag. Favorite quote: […]

How do we get more people on bikes?

That’s quite literally the billion dollar question. If you watched the video I posted last week, Tim Parr of Swobo makes the argument that it’s not about about telling people their fat, playing the environment card or anything else. We have to make cycling fun and cool again. Bring it out of the sport-only mindset […]