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Archive for January, 2008

Video: Three prominent cycling minds discuss how to get more people on bicycles

Below is a video from September when I had a chance to have a discussion with three prominent figures in the current push to get more people using bikes as their normal mode of transportation. Tim Parr owner of Swobo has worked together with Sky Yaeger to bring some very unique, fun and useful bike […]


Last week I wrote about some inexpensive pogies over on Blue Collar Mountain Biking. Pogies, sometimes called Moose Mitts or Bullwinkles, are weatherproof handlebar covers made of materials like Cordura and fleece. As cold weather cyclists know, bulky winter gloves can make it difficult to do simple things like brake and shift, adjust zippers, or […]

Starting a commuter convoy

During the 2007 Bike To Work Week, I ran across two other bike commuters en-route that I wouldn’t have necessarily become friends with otherwise. After Bike To Work Week was over, I did a few more full commutes with them. In June, I moved 9 miles closer to work, giving me about 30 miles round […]

GQ — bike commuters are “cool, chic”

Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist has a monthly column in GQ magazine in which he features men’s fashion in the streets. For the March issue, Scott will feature “cool, chic guys I know that ride their bikes to work almost every day.” Scott often features men and women riding their bikes at his street fashion […]

Too cold to ride!

That excuse will no longer work.  According the this NY Times article exercising in the cold is not bad for you.  Contrary to conventional wisdom your lungs are fine in the cold. …lungs are not damaged by cold, said Kenneth W. Rundell, the director of respiratory research and the human physiology laboratory at Marywood University […]

How-To: Ensure consistent shifting all winter long

One word: Friction! I just posted an article about friction shifting over on Blue Collar Mountain Biking, another Crooked Cog Network site. If you are commuting through snowy, slushy, or just plain cold weather, it might help you out. You can check it out here.