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Archive for January, 2008

Nissan exec: “Car culture is fading”

Here’s an interesting article from CNN. Thomas Lane is in charge of strategy and product planning for Nissan Motors in Japan. While car ads continue to push the idea that driving is pure pleasure that’s often done on open roads in pristine wilderness, commuters around the world and in America are finding that car ownership […]

Rain/snow Lesson

Yesterday evening I had an epic commute. Okay, maybe it wasn’t epic but is was definitely memorable. When I left in the morning the local tv weather people were saying that there would be a chance of snow in the evening about commute time. Usually here in Seattle when the weather people say it is […]

Soma Munch Box

Ok, maybe not as exciting as the new Mac in the previous post, but this little accessory has been pretty handy. This bag is called the Munch Box, and is made by Soma Fabrications. Designed as a feed bag, it’s designed to carry gels or energy bars. It can mount to either the stem and […]

MacBook Air: Perfect for bike commuters?

Today at the MacWorld convention Steve Jobs announced the new MacBook Air laptop from Apple. At it’s thickest point, the MacBook Air is only 0.76 inches and weighs a paltry 3 pounds. Even at that tiny size it boasts a 13.3 inch screen (same as previous model MacBook), a full-size keyboard and large multi-touch trackpad. […]

Bicycle Advocacy

Since I started bicycle commuting, I have become more interested in bicycle advocacy. I attended a local bicycle advocacy group’s meeting last year to get a feel for what the group was about. By the end of the meeting, I had nominated myself for a position on the board! This weekend I attended the first […]

$1400 ticket for reckless driving on a bicycle On December 27, 2007, Kajuan Cornish got the present he never wanted, and never expected. “The officer who pulled me over said I was going too fast,” Cornish said. Cornish said his reckless driving ticket might one day be funny, if it weren’t so confusing. “I get some people who laugh,” he said, “and […]