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Riding on Sidewalks

I have a good buddy who has decided the time has come for him to begin his own commute by bike. He’ll have a 20 mile round trip that he is bound and determined to ride entirely on sidewalks. I’d tried to talk him out of the sidewalk thing, but he’d prefer to try that […]

Snow and Ice

Some days there are no safe routes to work. Today was the first day back to work after a weekend of snow storms. The snow plows had only worked on the main streets, so all the side streets were a lumpy mess of ice and snow. And since the sides of the roads were piled […]

Route Adjustments

I have been commuting using the same route for about three years.  The ride is about 11.5 miles each way and takes 40-50 minutes depending on many things. Up until recently I have been a fair weather commuter and ridden mainly in the Summer when the days are long and I do not have to […]

Commuting 101: Don’t get sick!

This time of year in the northern hemisphere, things are really starting to cool off. As we head into the heart of winter, here are some tips to keep you healthy and in the saddle. Myth: Cold weather makes you sick. Fact: Cold weather can stress your immune system, but germs are what make you […]

Dahon Seatpost Bolt Recall

With record sales of Dahon folding bicycles this year, I just want to note there is a voluntary recall related to the seat post bolt on some 2007 models. Effective immediately, Dahon is issuing a voluntary recall notice to all owners regarding a potential safety issue with seat post bolts affecting all 2007 model year […]

Review: SRAM Power Link Chain

I’ve spent about a year and a half with a SRAM Power Link chain on my mountain bike. I’m in the middle of my second winter of daily bike commuting with it. In harsh commuting conditions, frequent cleaning of the drivetrain is a must. Solution: The SRAM Power Link quick release chain. When you’ve got […]


Maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your bike and your safety. Last night on my way home I had a close call because of my lack of maintenance. I was riding home on kept hearing a weird rattling soun. coming from my rear wheel/drivetrain. Not sure what was causing it and nothing really […]

Obey or Not?

StreetsBlog recently asked “Are there in fact, good reasons to ignore traffic regulations when you can, because after all, they are really meant just for cars?” I guess I’m just the kind of person who obeys the rules the best he can. The article, and many of the comments that follow it, seem to say […]

Introduction (with video!)

Hello! Welcome to my first post on Commute by Bike. I am excited to be among the new recruits to the site, along with Jeff, Chris, and Noah. I have been a bike commuter ever since my first job as a bike mechanic required me to ride over an hour to get to the shop. […]

Surly Big Dummy available in February

Almost a year and a half after the Big Dummy was announced by Surly at Interbike 2006, it will finally be made available to the masses in just over a month. I’m pretty excited about this bike as I think it fits a very large need for the utilitarian cyclist. You can make arguments over […]