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Archive for February, 2008

Be heard: Convince Google Maps to help bike commuters

Google Maps is a great tool for finding your way from point A to point B. When you’re looking for directions you have options to “Drive There” and “Take Public Transit”. The problem is, it’s not very bike friendly. I’ve done a how to before on finding a bike route, however there’s a petition going […]

Multi-Mode Nerds: Handy Transit Schedules

Bikes, Buses and Trains, oh my! My multi-mode commute can get confusing at times. I don’t have one set bus route. There are 3 different bus routes and probably a dozen different stops I will use depending on errands I plan on running, the time I get out of work (road congestion taken into consideration) […]

Chrome knickers are babe magnets

Tim reviewed Chrome’s knickers last year and now I’ve finally gotten a pair. I love them! Tim’s already discussed the form and practicality of the pants, but I’ve discovered another function: women can’t keep their hands and eyes off of them! They love the look and feel of the mid weight four way stretch nylon/spandex […]

The most convenient mini pump ever created

If you’ve ever been forced to use your mini pump to reinflate a tire you know what an absolute pain it is. Even with a high end one, you’re leaning over your bike grunting and cursing while trying to force air into your tube. Not to mention it looks like you’re doing something highly inappropriate […]

Bike shops for bike commuters

A common refrain on this site and elsewhere is that many bike shops don’t serve the needs of the bike commuter or utility cyclist. Many are interested in the high end, which has been the bread and butter for most of the bike industry over the past thirty years and which continues to provide most […]

Baltimore Bicycle Paramedics

Bicycle paramedics. What a cool idea. In 1999, the city of Baltimore had difficulties getting ambulances to people in need at the celebrations at the Inner Harbor, where tens of thousands of people attended the event. In response, the Baltimore Fire Department established a paramedic bicycle team to help out during 11 downtown events. This […]