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Archive for February, 2008

How To Lock Your Bike

Over at, they have a great (definitive?) article on the best ways to lock your bike and foil bike thieves, called “Lock It or Lose It.” The videos showing public apathy are especially eye-opening. Here is one tip from the article: A bottle jack can only be used on a u-lock where there’s space […]

Review: Pedalite Pedals

The Pedalite pedals are an innovative safety device that has three LED lights in each pedal. A rear red, middle yellow and front white. The lights are powered by a generator within the pedal body itself and, once you’ve been riding a bit, the lights will stay on through stops. When I originally heard of […]

Is “Share the Road” sending the right message? [Across the country] this is the signage of choice to alert drivers of cyclists on our roadways. This is a standard sign, approved in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. It seems innocuous, even like a good idea. But what does this sign really say? What does it mean to people who see […]

Change your view

The St. Louis Regional Bike Federation created a series “Change Your View” public service announcements to promote cycling as transportation. These 30 second spots emphasize the positive aspects of cycling and commuting by bike — you can interact with people, feel the seasons, smell the smells, see the sights. They intentionally avoided a “Share the […]

Update: Gary Fisher Simple City (more colors)

If you haven’t already, read our first post that includes all the specs and more pictures of the Gary Fisher Simple City. Many of you were bummed out that Gary Fisher changed up the color from the original Simple City prototype shown at Trek World. Well a couple more pictures have come my way and […]

Share: What was your best commute?

Seems like we’ve been moaning about the crappy conditions for commuters and constantly talking about all the new bling entering the commuter bike market. That’s all well and good and fun to discuss, but when it comes down to it… we love to ride and look forward to our daily two wheeled commute. So tell […]