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Archive for February, 2008

Masi SoulVille Mixte: The Stepthrough Version

Masi Bicycles is known for their road bikes but they have recently been stepping out into the commuter market. At Interbike this past September they showed their SoulVille and I got a chance to demo it. Now the masiguy has announced the upcoming SoulVille “Mixte” which represents the stepthrough version. Here’s the 7-speed that will […]

Riding with a badly bent wheel

It eventually happens to the best of us.  A pot-hole or storm-drain you didn’t see, a really rough curb hop, or a crash can bend a wheel pretty quickly.  Not all hope is lost, however.  You can often limp home on a taco wheel. If your bent wheel locks up from rubbing on the brakes, […]

Bike Shops share the blame in the slow growth of bike commuting

While at Frostbike last weekend I had the opportunity to sit in on a brainstorming session with Salsa Cycles and several of their dealers. What I witnessed was both disturbing and exciting. The session began with Salsa general manager, Jason Boucher, introducing the Salsa vision and staff. He went on to give updates on the […]

First Look: Redline R530 Comfort Commuter

Redline Bicycles have designed the R530 to be a comfortable urban bike for daily use. It has been spec’d out specifically for those looking to stay dry and clean on their daily commute and enjoy an upright riding position. Since internal hubs are all the rage, the R530 has the Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub. The […]

What word in ‘bike lane’ don’t drivers understand?

Orange County Register: Nearly 30 cyclists have been killed in Orange County during the past two years, according to Orange County Register databases. At least two, David “Cat” Pullen and Christy Kirkwood, were killed by cars swerving into bike lanes. Many more have been paralyzed, lost limbs or otherwise injured. An alarming and growing number […]

Swobo Del Norte seen in the wild

I was up in Sausalito for the Amgen Tour of California and spotted Erin of Swobo riding this hot Del Norte. CBB posted some spy photos of the Del Norte last fall; Erin says this bike will be available in about three weeks. This very sharp looking steel singlespeed is named for the Del Norte […]